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In 1983 architects, best friends, and innovators Kevin & James sat on a the Caribbean island of Tortola and decided they wanted to do more…they wanted to impact the everyday lives of people, and what better way than to Revolutionize a tool used everyday by billions — the toothbrush! At the core of RADIUS’ dogma is a desire to reinvent existing, everyday items by adding benefits through the 4 Rs — Responsible Design, Radical Look, Real Results, and Refreshing Experience. The mission drives RADIUS to provide premium, thoughtful, and unique designer options to consumers around the world while being 100% focused on waste and energy reduction.

Today RADIUS is proud to be on of the only toothbrush manufacturers still operating in the United States on its own injection molding machines.¬†RADIUS is a family-owned, women- run, solar powered company manufacturing in a 20,000 sq. ft. historic feed mill built in the early 1800’s in Pennsylvania Amish country.

RADIUS now has a premium and unique product line of ¬†Ergonomically Designed Adult Toothbrushes, Age-Specific Children’s Toothbrushes, Natural Flosses, Travel Cases, & Accessories found in all major Natural Product stores and at http://www.radiustoothbrush.com


  1. Hello!

    Your product is amazing. I just used the source toothbrush for the first time ever and it was so soft and the extra brushes made my mouth feeling very clean!

    As I am planning my Christmas shopping early this year, I will be getting my whole family a Radius toothbrush!



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